General Aviation Maintenance


Volair Aviation is an FAA Part 91 maintenance facility that offers a variety of inspections for general aviation aircraft. We can service your fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter’s upcoming annual inspection, as well as comply with your hourly Airworthiness Directives. We can also develop a customized service plan for your fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter during your interval maintenance, such as adding in spark plug cleaning & gapping or replacement, hydraulic servicing, or compression checks and oil sampling trend analysis, to just name a few.

Volair Aviation can also complete custom pre-buy inspections, such as traveling to the fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter location or completing this on fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters you bring to our field or a surrounding area. This includes an in-depth logbook research history and ensuring all 8110-3 & STCs noted in the logbook history are complied with. We can make sure that you have all of the information regarding whatever fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter you are interested in potentially purchasing. Contact us today for more details!


Volair Aviation is fully compliant and capable of performing any necessary repairs for a variety of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter makes and models. We can work on your Airframe, Powerplant, or Propeller repairs as requested. Volair Aviation ensures that all customers are given a quote for the items we suggest require replacement and maintains a close relationship with our customers regarding any additional repair items that may need to be addressed, before pursuing additional work. This ensures that our customers know of the exact nature of the repairs we are performing, as well as not being blindsided by unreasonable “hidden” costs.

Our FAA-licensed A&P mechanics and IAs are at your disposal. Whether it be a minor repair (tire change) or a major repair (engine overhaul), we can make it happen. We also are willing to travel within a 60nm radius to complete repairs on your fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters if you become immobile (additional distances of travel can be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis). There is no job too little or too great that we are not willing to take a crack at for our customers!