Aerial Imaging

Experienced Pilots & Staff

Volair Aviation manages and operates a fleet of Cessna 172s and Piper Aztecs that are modified to house a wide variety of sophisticated camera equipment. We are managed by a very experienced staff familiar with the unique demands of the aerial survey industry. We train our pilots to properly and safely operate their type of aircraft with the type of camera equipment installed. We handle a wide range of projects and have networked with FBOs all across the country to accommodate our aircraft. We partner with multiple 3rd party maintenance shops to service our aircraft when they are away from home base.

Past Projects


During the late fall and early spring months, we are usually tasked with flying around the Midwest, including our home state of Nebraska! We follow the leaves as they fall and capture areas before they grow back. We are also fortunate to hire many pilots within our own state. There is no place like Nebraska!

Reno, Nevada

Throughout the late fall, we traverse the areas of the Mountain West before the mountain snow falls. During the late spring and early summer months we have the privilege of using our mountain flying experience to fly through lots of unique terrain, to get to our project sites, and to conduct challenging flying operations. The pilots we hire are well-qualified and up to the task!

Houston, Texas

We often call Texas home during the early winter, and early spring months and map almost all both the major metropolitan areas and the vast open expanse of the Texas landscape. We most often deal with major flooding and weather events brought about by the Gulf of Mexico for the east part of the state, while in the western part, we deal with the dry conditions.

New England

It is often the late summer, or early fall months that we operate in this beautiful part of the country, conducting corridor flying operations for our customers. Our summer pilots, who have traveled almost everywhere in the country by this point, get to wrap up their season in this picture region.

Idaho National Labs

As a Department of Energy-approved vendor, we annually fly to some of the more restricted areas of the country. Our logistics and maintenance team work together with these government agencies to get the data they need; in areas we are usually not able to go!

White Sands Missile Range

Wrapping up the general nature of the projects we fly are the Restricted Areas and military bases. Once again, our experienced logistical background is needed to coordinate with many controlling agencies from the various military branches. Thank you to those who have served!